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Curred overtaking, perfect turn around the newcomer king


Brother Yang, before doing the car loan business, is a standard car dealer. The precipitation of 6 -year trading experience allows him to better understand the practical needs and pain points of the car dealer. This improved, the performance growth rate was as high as 225%, and the perfect turn of the car dealer to the newcomer king. The exciting content is as follows, come and learn ...

Business entry is the key

Many people think that car dealers only value profit and speed, but it is not necessarily. Brother Yang's car dealer's resources can be roughly divided into three categories. One category is a caring car. These car dealers are friends who have been in the work of car dealers for many years. As long as the bosses of these car dealers have a single, the first -hand order is basically given to him. When you go to other peers, you will also get the same feedback from the trucks from the heart. The other type is the car dealer. Friends of car dealers can also help quickly understand more other car dealers' bosses through their connections. It is the easiest and fastest way to use force to use force. The third category is the newly developed car dealer. It takes a long time to do it, and many knowledge about this line will accumulate richer. As the saying goes, knowing that knowing and knowing that he can do everything in a hundred battles. With many years of experience in selling cars, Yang Brother Yang is very clear about the needs and pain points of the car dealer, so when he went to Mo Bai car dealer, compared to other colleagues partners He can cut into the car dealer at a faster and faster speed. The first impression of the car dealer is naturally very good, so if you visit a few more times, you will slowly give an inquiry order.

Growing fast, aiming to learn the rhythm

Growing rapidly is that there are planning and guidance with rhythmic and rhythm. The main processes can be divided into product learning, the advantages and disadvantages of competition products, continuous simulation drills, and re -examination habits.

Product learning. The company's products are more diverse and are typical financial supermarkets. At the beginning, Brother Yang was very embarrassed. How to learn so many products? The diversification of products is of course very helpful for expanding car dealers and digestion of different customer qualifications, but it will also be more difficult to learn. There are often confusion between the characteristics between products and products, resulting in a series of jokes and errors. Therefore, when you learn product learning, first master the relatively simple products of the mainstream to specialize. After digestion, you can learn other products to supplement after the operation is more proficient. You do n’t have to rush to eat fat in one breath.

Analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of competing products. The team also has a set of ideas that are very suitable for them. They often organize different play and words of different competing products to help cope with better cutting into the car dealers. On the one hand, it can make people inside the team improve morale and increase confidence; on the other hand, it can help Yang Brother recognize the deficiencies and avoid the occurrence of closed -door cars. For the special training of car dealers, it means that in different scenarios to respond to different car dealers to adopt different words, the team will conduct morning and evening drills every day. Unconsciously, Brother Yang is also gaining growth.

Reunion habit. Not only is there more daily re -enrollment every week, which car dealers are developed, what is the order of the order, what is the focus after going, will you ask any questions, how can you get the order? Why did some cars still not cut in? What are the problems that are not easy to solve today, etc. Today, some who do not know if they do n’t know, they will not be able to pull their faces at first, but compared with the inside, It is always stronger than being embarrassed in front of the car dealer, and it has slowly developed the habit of asking questions. Only by continuously re -inventory can we take less detours and find pain points, difficulties, and deficiencies at the fastest speed, so as to further clarify the direction and actions of the next step.

It is a matter of breaking the ice, only there is a house

Car dealer relationship. Some sales may be in Mo Bai to visit the car dealer with product information. Yang Ge has some ways to bring his own way according to the market situation. It is also unknown to it to give it yourself, but as an ice -breaking props, it can also avoid the embarrassment of some cold fields.

The relationship between life and work. Different from the car loan is different from the previous car dealer, there is no relatively fixed workplace, and there is no saying on time to work on time according to the market conditions. Brother Yang often work until late at night, and sometimes it will be a week when a car dealer is about to be fast for a week. The slow one may need to visit repeatedly for 1-2 months to achieve results. No matter how difficult the process is, you can tell yourself that everything is difficult. He always believes that you will definitely gain.

Colleagues relationship. In addition to the rest time, it is not family members but colleagues who usually get along. Only by helping the team partners can better integrate into the big family. Therefore, as long as the team partner needs it, Yang Brother will help as much as possible. Gift to the rose hand to leave Yu Xiang. Not only that, the team's partner experienced every day, and Brother Yang also regards it as another mirror. If others are experiencing themselves, they are not understood, and they just remind themselves whether they are whether they are not knowing whether they do not understand. It can be achieved, so as to take advantage of it.

Plan your own small goals

The building of a person is inseparable from the long -term career plan. For some time in the future, Brother Yang set a small goal for himself.

The previous is the foundation, and it is also the stage of exploring this industry. With the advent of the peak season, the most important thing is to improve performance. After the performance is relatively stable, you can have more resources and capabilities to bring the team. One of the goals can be. That is, you can also bring out more championships and promote sales management to make the team more benign and sustainable.

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