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XCMG XC9350 Loader Machine
  • XCMG XC9350 Loader MachineXCMG XC9350 Loader Machine

XCMG XC9350 Loader Machine

First and foremost, the XCMG XC9350 Loader Machine is designed for optimal performance. It comes equipped with a powerful engine and superior hydraulic control system, maximizing its efficiency and speed.

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Product Description

XCMG XC9350 Loader Machine is the largest tonnage four-wheel independent drive electric drive loader independently developed by Xougong, with a working load of 35 tons, which refreshes the current load record of the largest tonnage loader in China.

XC9350 ultra-large tonnage electric drive loader research and development is Xugong focus on the global ultra-large mining machinery and equipment requirements, adhere to innovation, active exploration, breakthrough "four-wheel independent electric drive. Ac matching technology ", "constant power, positive flow, pump control hydraulic technology", "distributed independent electric drive control technology" and other more than 10 key technologies, with complete independent intellectual property rights and core technology, key components localization rate of more than 80%.

The v XC9350 is suitable for large open pit mining, card handling, short distance transportation and other conditions, and is the best choice for supporting 110.200 tons of mining cards.

Ac - DC - AC high voltage transmission system, high transmission efficiency, fast reaction speed, with anti-slip, lame return, automatic protection and other special functions.

Hybrid power and energy recovery, efficient recovery of the energy generated by "integrated electro-hydraulic braking" and used to drive the wheel side motor, reducing mechanical brake wear.

Xugong core autonomous "electro-hydraulic proportional intelligent control system + electronic positive flow hydraulic system + load sensing electronic control handle steering system ", to achieve the precision and efficiency of shovel loading, driving, steering and other complex actions in the operation process.

The main structural parts are made of low-temperature and high-strength structural steel, and XCMG features double rocker arm structure working device, which can adapt to the harsh working conditions of variable loads; Lightweight design to improve vehicle efficiency and increase payload.

Intelligent human-computer visual interaction system, real-time, safe, convenient and fast monitoring and diagnosis of vehicle operation information, with a full range of safety protection system.

Main parameter

Description   specifications        Unit 
Wheel track 384/ mm
Put the outside width of the tire 511/ mm
Bucket width (without rock baffle) 556/ mm
Bucket width (with rock baffle) width I 5695 mm
The ridger is of great height 11359 mm
Height of crafty pin 85〃 mm
Unloading height 6197 mm
Unloading distance wife 2857 mm
It's a small space gap 725 mm
Shaft trailer 64〃 mm
The transport of materials is highly efficient 1 691 5 mm
The ground position hides the length, width and height of the machine 17259 x5695 x6524 mm
The center of the knee is 1 round in the radius of the small cloud dome 1/67/ mm
Minimum dome radius 1 outside of the bucket 129// mm
Landscape specification 5/-65R51 L )
Steering Angle 4/
A surname 18 m3
The working quality of the whole machine is presented 1 7//// kg
Engine power 97/ kW
Rated engine speed 18〃 RPM
Maximum lifting force 961 kN
Ternary sum time s21 s
Speed of vehicle /) 2/ km-h

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